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There’s never been a better time to join us in working towards a safer, more resilient and sustainable planet. Since 50 years of WWF India, we have had an important job to do to reverse the loss of biodiversity and restore nature. Working together with our colleagues, partners and incredible supporters, we act with urgency, integrity and passion to secure a future where both nature and people thrive. Everyone’s role here at WWF is important in helping us to achieve our mission. While working at WWF India, you will play a vital part in the future of our planet and its people.

Join us and thrive in our collaborative community of inspirational people doing extraordinary things.

Saving the world is our day job.
You can make it yours too

Saving the world is our day job.
You can make it yours too

Our Culture Pillars


We demonstrate courage through our actions, and we inspire people and institutions to tackle the greatest threats to nature and the future of the planet.


We live by the principles that we expect others to live by. We act with integrity, accountability, and transparency, relying on facts and science to guide us.


Honor the voices and knowledge of the people and communities that we interact and partner with.


We recognize that we cannot deliver alone and that we need to harness the power of collective action and innovation.


WWF India provides a conducive environment for young professionals to build their skills and efficiency and add wings to their ideas and thoughts.

Every success or obstacle that you encounter shapes you into a better person and a more competent professional.

I am glad to be part of the WWF India team.

Shoma Stanly
Manager Communications- Rivers, Wetland and Water Policy, WWF-India

As a young professional, the hands-on experiences I am gaining along the way are invaluable and uniquely contribute to my career growth.

I treasure the constant support from the organization and look forward to advancing our mission of conservation collectively.

Surbhi Agrawal
Project Officer, Wildlife & Habitats Division

My role lets me work with diverse teams across the country and learn something new every day from them.

You don’t have to be an environmental scholar to work in WWF India.  As long as you have passion for the cause, there is always a place for you here!

Karishma Sawhney
Manager – Corporate Partnerships

I joined WWF India as a young leader at the age of 30 and have grown ever since in line with its mission, making sure that I am innovative, effective, and efficient.

It was possible because of the steady nature and fostering environment of the organization, ample support and encouragement from the top management, really great co-workers, and dynamic work culture. –

Renjan Mathew Varghese
State Director (Kerala), WWF-India

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